Scalable Human-Centered Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is a data science research area aiming at turning educational data into insights, decisions, and actions to improve learning and teaching. With human needs at the forefront, research at the UDE Social Computing group focuses on human-centered learning analytics (HCLA) which refers to methods and tools that emphasize the human factors in learning analytics. An important prerequisite in HCLA is to systematically involve the human stakeholders throughout the design, development, deployment, and evaluation of learning analytics in order to meet their individual needs. Visual analytics which integrates the analytic capabilities of the computer and the abilities of the human analyst, facilitated by interactive visual interfaces has the potential to empower individuals to take control of the learning analytics process. The main objective of this PhD project is to bring together concepts and techniques from learning analytics, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), visual analytics, and big data analytics to design, implement, and evaluate a scalable human-centered learning analytics platform.

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